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    Presentation of the project and the workshop opened on October 2 at 17 Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento Via Verdi, Classroom 5The Wunderkammer Trento Museum within the "Archaeology of contemporary" - in partnership with the Mental Health Center of Trento and the Office of the Superintendent of cultural archeology of Trento, and with the help of the Foundation Caritro - houses in Trento artist collective Wurmkos with the project Belli Dentro - Treating places carefully.

    Laboratory "Beautiful inside" open to artists, students, people with physical and psychological weakness and citizens.10 free meetings on Tuesdays from 15 to 17 from 20 October 2015 to the House of self-help, because of the hill 15, Trento.

    With "Beautiful inside" it will launch a series of public art spaces in common use of the House of self-help, headquarters of "The Bench", partner of the mental health service of Trento. Will trigger a real participatory planning, with the collaboration between the group Wurmkos and people who live or frequent the house and workshop participants, to make room for an aspiration of the most common: seeing recognized and to give every individual a place to express themselves and be reflected.
    ph. P. Cattani Faggion