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    “Wunderkammer”, a museum of urban facts in Trento, which any citizen can support with his or her own donation, is now opening. The opening will begin with a brief introduction about the staff members, the website and its first two donations. Then, a reflection about collecting and the stratifications of history and of collections. Participants (in this order): Alessandra Benacchio, Art to Art curator, Franco Nicolis, director of Trento independent area’s Archeological Sites Office, Elena Tonezzer, responsible of the History of Trento section in the Museo Storico del Trentino Foundation and Mubi Brighenti, lecturer at the Sociology Faculty of Trento University. Mediator: Layla Betti. At the end of the event, participants and attendants will get out of the Archeological site and have a urban walk, which will bring to 42, Via Belenzani for the vernissage of the exhibition “All from the past”, by the artist Dogukan Belozoglu for Wunderkammer Trento.