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    5:30 pm-9:00 pm Books available for free reading and consultation. Selection made by Trento Public Library.  “Non eravamo poeti-We were not poets”, publications selected by the Mart Library’s Archivio del 900. 
    Traveling exhibition by our fellows from Liceo Artistico I, Milano 1978; it will next be exhibited at the Centro sociale Bruno in Trento. 5:30 pm
    Presentation of the book “Legge, desiderio e capitalismo”, with the curators Francesco Vandoni and Pino Pitasi, moderates Mauro Milanaccio from Jonas Trento- psychoanalytic association and clinic.

    7:00 pm-8:00 pm Podcast http://www.sanbaradio.it/content/78-una-serata-ricordare-fausto-e-iaio-il-podcast In collaboration with Sanbaradio, Radio universitaria di Trento, host Alessandra Benacchio and Giovanni Melchiori.
    Interview: Carlo Martinelli and Marzia Todero from the Associazione amici e famigliari di Fausto e Iaio (friends and relatives of Fausto and Iaio), born in 1966 to remember Lorenzo Iannucci and Fausto Tinelli, killed in Milan on March 18th,1978, by the fascists. 
    Radio Popolare’s repertoire documents about March 18th,1978. Danilo De Biaso from Radio Popolare participates live. Music by Loa, N.a.n.o, Strativari.