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    Keywords: have a drink, word of mouth, take advantage, exhibition, fortuity, opportunity, dynamics, institution, ephemeral, team game, network, budget, developing ideas.
    “Civica Lounge”: ambitions and targets of an “unconventional” project.  The ambition consists in getting a public which normally would not visit the Gallery close to this project. I have to say that we are reaching this target: people who come here are usually more interested in drinking a glass of something than visiting an exhibition, but since the visit is included in the price of the drink and we offer free guided tours, they tend to take advantage of it, and the response is positive, because visitors get out of the exhibition room with thankful words, saying that they found out something interesting and liked it, and that they will suggest to their friends visiting us. It seems like this is working.
    Tell us about this first collaboration with Wunderkammer, how did the contact of your real world institution with a virtual one go? This first interaction has basically been casual, since we opened our exhibition “Linguaggi Plastici” exactly when Wunderkammer opened just 4 meters away from us, and we did not know each other. So we said: “We practically did this together”, then we could do something else together for real. Giusi Campisi and I immediately understood one another: she’s a very dynamic person, which is what we look for in our artists- dynamics and availability. Tonight we organized something which, according to us, perfectly suited this type of project, because it is slightly ephemeral, just like Wunderkammer is, and we loved the idea of putting an “institutionalized institution” like MART together with such a thing as Wunderkammer.
    Last question: some pieces of advice for Wunderkammer? There is no piece of advice for Wunderkammer: it doesn’t need any because I think it is already a good idea, it seems to me that there is a team which works well and has a lot of energy.  There are actually a couple of pieces of advice I can give: employ this energy, find more people who are interested in joining the project, which is surely something new and interesting for Trento, and develop your team working and networking with institutions, associations, artists who live in the area, because in this period budgets are always low and the only way to supply the lack of money is providing more and more ideas.