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    Each function of the museum is public.  Each activity begins after one or more requests of collaboration, and this practice opened to various contributions comprehends different operative phases, from the project to the final realization.

    The staff is formed by professionals who cooperate in their special field with institutions of the area, and their functions in the Museum are the same.

    The collection is composed by samples suggested by the citizens. The scientific committee examines and acquires them, cataloguing each donation in the Wunderkammer Archive

    Curators who have been invited or who want to offer a curatorial  route to the Museum can consult and use both the Collection and the Archive. In addition, they can acquire new samples. Exhibitions, workshops, public debates and collections of theoretical contributions are all organized according to a construction principle which guides the entire activity of the museum.

    Grand Tour is the residence proposal by Wunderkammer Trento for artists and intellectuals. You can enter GT through a friendship relationship with the members of the organization, who offer hospitality and support for the production of art works, theoretical reflections, new proposals about acquisitions.

    In case you have any proposal museo@wunderkammer.tn.it