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    Exploring Trento with Wunderkammer.
    The urban imaginaries museum offers three audio guides in order to live the city in an unexpected way. 
    Curator: Luca Merchionna.
    When we walk, drive, or even when we are dead: Trento is full of things to see and explore. A series of different tours between unusual places and exemplar stories about the city of the Concilium is now available to whoever owns a smartphone, thanks to a free app. These tours were elaborated by Wunderkammer Trento-Collezione di immaginari urbani, the museum in Trento which, even though it is an imaginary institution, produces, like every other “real” museum,  available digital contents, which can be useful to art lovers, tourists and citizens.
    At the moment three tours are available on h ttp://bit.ly/wktour 

    or on the free app izi.travel 
    http://izi.travel/?lang=it&locale=it, for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. 
    These tours touch about twenty different places both in the center of the city and in the roundabouts. Wunderkammer considers these places as belonging to its collections, since the aim of the museum is to collect and catalogue sites in the urban network through the interpretation of those who live in the city or simply pass.