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    Mariano De Tassis

    Wunderkammer exhibition ACQUISIZIONI 
    Cappella del Simonino,
    24-27 october 2014 

    His artistic path has been deeply influenced by the acquaintance with three great artists: Svoboda, Palladini and Cauteruccio. Each one of them left his own trace in de Tassis’ work, giving birth to a vision of space as something which can be distorted and changed through light, video and word, reflecting the soul of a place. He has worked as a playwright and a director for the theatre, music and dance performances, events and installations, always using light as a prominent factor. In 2014, together with the painter Matteo Boato, he realized his first illumination works for the city of Trento and the MUSE. His contribute to Wunderkammer is “PRIMARY LIGHTING”, with big n03 ampoules, led lights 6000°K and primary colors.