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    There is a continuously vibrating social question mark about the art practice and the mental condition of an artist, his or her proximity to a psychologically altered state, a question which is asked in different ways, as a multidisciplinary convention or as a neuroscientific research. Exhibitions’ curators feed the fascination for this question: its origins are ancient and are part of that “Artist Legend” which has been told by E. Kris and O. Kurz. On the same topic, considering the artist as a separate species, moody, egocentric and extravagant, M. and R. Wittkower wrote “Born under Saturn”, looking for the origins of this myth.  Sinthomo takes seriously into consideration this stale question- a group of artists meets in order to face this “social” question in a psychoanalytic setting, with a double move: interpreting it and trying to answer.
    Artists: Dokugan Belozoglu
    Luca Bertoldi 
    Giusi Campisi
    Pierluigi Cattani Faggion 
    Roberto Conz
    Michela Embriaco 
    Psychoanalist: Mauro Milanaccio